Remarkable Buzz ROI Calculator
Per Person Check Average $
Average # of Guests per Check
eClub Size
Average Discount Amount of email Coupon $
Average Food Costs %
Redemption Rate %
Percentage that would have come in anyway %

Over a full year
Total Profit:  ..........ROI: 
(Using only the Welcome, Birthday and Anniversary emails)

Total Profit:  ..........ROI: 
(The above plus one additional visit per year for each
eclub member generated by your email campaigns)
*ROI (Return on Investment) is based on the Advanced Package investment

Your investment will pay for itself many times over!!!

Using the calculator above, lets say we're just sending out 3 loyalty emails (welcome, birthday and Anniversary emails) to your list size of 2000 emails.

And we'll say you get a 10% redemption rate for each of the 3 emails, adding up to 600 visits per year. At a $10 per person check average & 3 people per ticket, that’s $15,000 over the course of a year.

If you send out additional emails promoting special events and you can get 60% of your list to come in at least one extra time over the course of the year that's $36,000.

Your dollars in the door would rise between $15,000 and $51,000 per year for a very little investment.