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You've decided you want to use email marketing and create an eClub for your restaurant (which is why you are here). In order to do that, 3 things have to happen that we will help you with.

1. Building your Customer Database

The first step is collecting your guests email addresses. One of the questions many of our clients have when they start is will my customers give me their email. Well, they will as long as certain conditions exists.

1.) They want to make sure you're not selling or sharing their information with, say, the local insurance man. And

2.) They need a good reason to give you their email address.

If you notice on our sign-up cards (Advanced and Premium plans get 500 free cards) it says in plain English "We will not share or sell your information". This sets the customer at ease on the first point.

To the second point, your "Welcome to our eClub" email needs to have an offer (Not absolutely necessary but it's only fair). Whether it's a free dessert, 1/2 price appetizer, free beer...whatever the offer, it's what you have decided is a fair exchange for the customer sharing their email address.

We will work with you to help train your wait staff in the correct way to present the sign-up cards to collect the information.

We will also help you in setting up your web page to collect customer information from your web site visitors.

2. Creating your Email Design

While you are building your database we will be creating your email look. It could be similar to your web site or something completely different. We work with you until you're happy with the design.

3. Sending out your Communications

With all 3 of our plans your guests will automatically receive:

* An eClub welcome announcement
* A happy birthday email
* A one year eClub anniversary email

After that, depending on the plan your select, you can send out emails with some type of communication like:

* New menu items or specials
* Holiday features and hours
* Promotional events
* Advertise wedding packages
* Advertise banquet and catering services

And really, it's not always about the message you send, it's about touch marketing. You're touching your customers, keeping your name fresh in their mind, so when they are deciding where to eat your restaurant always falls into their decision making process. Touch Marketing!


Benefits of Using Remarkable Buzz

* Build a database of your customers. It's gold!!!
* Touch Marketing: Create an ongoing communication stream
* Send impactful, actionable and measurable communications
* Create lasting customer loyalty
* Increase visit frequency
* Increase Sales

By using Remarkable Buzz you are making an investment that will generate more sales!

We're above all, committed to your success. We partner very closely with our clients to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are successful. We are committed to your success!

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